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Drop Down Chopper - San Mai

I first made this style of knife as an experimental shape to test out and for myself to use at home, I would describe it as a Bunka with a drop down handle, which aides in the rocking motion of chopping. I fell in love with the shape, style and performance of this knife so it will now definitely be going into regular rotation on the website. For further info check out the 'Knives' section of the website. BY PURCHASING THIS YOU ARE CONFIRMING THAT YOU ARE OVER THE AGE OF 18 *PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL KNIVES ARE MADE FROM CARBON STEEL (UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE) WHICH REACTS DIFFERENTLY TO STAINLESS STEEL, THERE ARE PROS AND CONS TO BOTH SO PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH AND BE AWARE OF WHAT YOU ARE BUYING.

Stainless clad Aogami Super
Karelian Birch, Fossilised mammoth molar, g-10
£ 350.00 
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