Hello there and welcome to Cabin Knives! 
My name is Alfie and I have unexpectedly found myself deeply in love with the art of crafting knives. I spent the first 5 years of my working life as a professional chef where I fell in love with the creativity and fast paced family atmosphere that the kitchen brought along with it, however I soon discovered that the high stress levels of a kitchen didn’t work too well with me so I began to search for a career elsewhere. I still wanted to stay connected to the culinary lifestyle and struggled for well over a year trying to think of what my next career could be in and that is where I accidentally tripped head first into the wonderful world of making knives.Through this website and my Instagram you’ll be able to join along in my journey and even buy some of my creations if you truly want to, If you’d like a more behind the scenes look into Cabin Knives then check out the “Cabin” page in the drop down menu or if you’re a mega fan then you can check out the Patreon where you’ll have full behind the scenes access.


When beginning to make knives I found myself in a slightly different position to other professionals out there as I had never even thought of doing something like this so I had zero previous experience in the field, but I did have 5 years of being a chef and hundreds of hours using knives under my belt. This played perfectly into understanding how knives are used in the professional kitchen and what chefs were looking for in their tools. Through this understanding I began to develop my own style of blades, handles and designs and hope one day my knives will be globally recognised by professional chefs and home cooks alike. 
If you’d like to read a bit further about the Cabin Knives signature blades then click the “See The Cabin Regulars” button below the Knife animations on the home page.


I hate to ruin the illusion but the Cabin isn’t actually a Cabin, it is my garage.
The name "the Cabin” was first created when my friends and I wanted somewhere to hangout at night away from the prying eyes of our parents, we kitted it out with sofas, fairy lights, tables, everything we needed to make it a cosy little hangout. Over the years the Cabin became a bit of an iconic place in our friendship group and would be our regular hangout on the weekend or after parties, there were many a happy memory spent in that place. As the years went on The Cabin began to be used less and less until I went away on a ski season at the age of 19 and returned to find it had been transformed into a workshop for my brother’s motorbike. Fast forward a few years to when I was trying to think of a name for my new business venture and one of my best friends suggested the name, I didn’t even need to give it a second thought. Cabin Knives was born.